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Making Christ Known To ALL!

Oak Forest,  Illinois

Ever hear of something called, “Cash”?  This old time concept was something my Grandparents used to buy simple things like their house, all their cars and even food. I remember my grandfather pulling this stuff from his wallet for everything. It was easy to manage, and he had a boat load of it.

Today, we don’t hear of it as often. In our “modernistic society”, we use plastic. It’s fast, easy and has managed to change our perspective of our hard earned money. It’s easy to slide the card and be done with our purchase, except, we still have to pay for our purchase….with interest. Managing and saving money is not easy with credit cards, as we don’t see the money leaving our hands; our relationship with our money has changed.

One Financial Peace University graduating class paid off over $74,970 in non-mortgage debt, while at the same time saving over $7,400 and managed to cut up 13 credit cards, all in nine weeks. The principles are solid and easy.

In today’s society, 70% of families in United States are living pay check to pay check.  Only 50% are doing something about it.  Should we be relying on the government to take care of us when we retire, they are doing a great job balancing the government budget right?

Come to Financial Peace University to explore our relationship with money, and to develop new behaviors for managing our money better. Come learn God's way of handling HIS money. Learn new ways to save and how to plan for a future…like my grandparents had!

For questions or to sign up about Financial Peace University, call or text:

Church Office:708-687-2170 or resurrectionaoakforest@gmail.com

or Taina Collins 773-502-7504(cell)

or you can register online https://fpu.com/1036359, while you are online, order the Financial Peach Membership Kit if you do not already have on for the base cost of $93.00 Website only allows Debit Cards as form of Purchase, there are no kits at the church.

Class Sessions: Wednesday, March 15th to May 17th at 7:30 PM